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Shark.net is a service within the Lizardleads.net network which allows its users to advertise their legal content, products, services and programs with email/web based ads. We offer paid ad services. Because this is business and advertising and we only submit the ads and, we are unable to offer refunds for any paid services that we offer. We can be contacted anytime through our contact form if there are questions or concerns regarding an order or payment.


SharkLeads.net allows legal material only. We DO NOT tolerate illegal, porn/adult, warez, pirated software or offensive material to be advertised through SharkLeads.net. We DO NOT allow the advertisement of websites that attempt to automatically download files, have excessive pop-ups, or frame breakers.


When joining other programs, purchasing products or services, etc., that are linked to our website you are doing so at your own risk. It is up to you to research all ads that you might be interested in. SharkLeads.net is not responsible for income claims or any other statements included in other affiliated ads. Member submitted ads do not reflect the opinions of SharkLeads.net.


SharkLeads.net offers a non tangible service, and therefore NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE on any already paid services or other service payments. If you have a question regarding any order or other SharkLeads.net service payments, please contact us directly by clicking


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